Preserved lemons: easy DIY

I love moroccan cuisine! It’s so easy to cook a delicious tajine with fresh ingredients. It just takes time… my favorite tajine recipe is chicken with lemons and green olives! But I always needed to drive to Aix to find the main ingredient: the preserved lemons in salt.  So one day I decided to make them by myself.

How to do preserved lemons!

Do your own preserved lemons super easy

What are preserved lemons?

Preserved lemons are simply lemons in a jar with salt and water. After a couple of month they loose their acidity and it remains a deliciously fine lemon flavour that does perfectly well in your moroccan and asiatic dishes. Here in France, they even serve sushi with a slice of preserved lemon!

To use them, just slice them in little pieces, or separate the peel from the pulp and only use the peel in fine slices or both. You can also use the slices peel in a summer salad with balsamico dressing and olive oil.

What do you need to make your on preserved lemons in a jar?

First, once you will open the jar you will need to use the lemons quite quickly. That’s why a use many little jars instead of one big one.

  • Lemons, untreated
  • very coarse sea salt
  • Jars. Mine had about 6oz

Eingelegte Zitronen für Marokkanische Tajine ganz einfach selber machen

How to do:

  1. Rinse the jars with hot water
  2. Rinse the lemons with water and slice them in 4
  3. Fill the jars with lemon slices. Really squeeze as much lemons in the jar as you can.
  4. Prepare the pickle: Either you put the salt directly in the jar and add hot water, or you prepare the pickle in advance and just fill the jars up. Use 0.44lb on 33.8 oz
  5. Fill up the jars. The lemons should all be covered with pickle. If they swim, squeeze one more slice in it until they are blocked.
  6. Close the jar and shake well.
  7. Store in a dry and dark spot. Don’t need to store in the fridge, a dark corner of your kitchen does perfectly well.
  8. Wait minimum 6 months

That’s it! After a couple of month’s you can use your own preserved lemons! I don’t use them every week, so 10 Jars are perfectly fine to have a good turnover. Once I opened one, I fill it directly up again.

Do your own preserved lemons super easy

Do your own preserved lemons super easy

Do your own preserved lemons super easy

Do your own preserved lemons super easy

Do your own preserved lemons super easy

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