Safety razor: ladies, let’s get shaved!

What do you need for your perfect holidays in sunny Provence? A little white boho dress and bronzy sleek legs! Okay, the tan might be a little complicated right now but sleek, no problem! I just discovered another grandpa vintage gadget:

The safety razor! 

safety razors on lifestyle blog sommergirls


Normal commercial razors have always annoyed me. All this plastic, the poor quality, and the blades always seem dull, even after only one week! Regarding the aggressif marketing of these razors you understand quite quickly that this market is based on profit, and not on real customer needs.

One day I just anted to buy some bears oil for my boyfriend and ent to a vintage barber shop in Aix en Provence. They also had classic safety razors and I direclty catched the big benefits of these! No more plastic!!

safety razors on lifestyle blog sommergirls


Why a safety razor?

Let’s do a little comparison:

Commercial razors:

+ medium price level, around 15 dollars

-the blades are of poor quality and quickly dull. 2 dollar per blade is also very expensive

 full of plastic

Safety razor:

-higher price level, about 50 dollars -> for example

+blades are very unexpensives, 10cts per blade 

+blades of good quality and very durable. Change every 2 months

+no plastic as the razor is made of steel. Even the blades are often packed in 

Well known are Muehle or Merkur Razors. I have a Muehle.

How to use it

There are different systems for changing the blade of your safety razor. Either the 2-piece, the 3-piece or the butterfly system.

Tip: I’d prefer the butterfly system today, even if I bought a 2-piece-system due to a lack of knowledge. I have a 2-piece-system that unscrews the head by turning only the very end of the handle. But my sister has one where you unscrew he whole handle from the head, and this unscrews very easily unintentionally under the shower, which is rather annoying. 

Different types of safety razors butterflu 2 piece 3 piece on lifestyle blog sommergirls


How to use it:

Be careful the first times you are using a new blade. They are very very sharp! To avoid getting skinned by your new blade, shave with the grain, not against. And without any pressure!

Also slow down when shaving your knees and ankles. Personnally I never cut myself, but you better be careful.

After using your safety razor you need to rinse it under ater and dry it by taping gently with a clean towel. Never leave your razor wet in the shower! It might rust or accumulate nasty bacterias on the blade that will cause razor burn.

You can use your razor under the shower. I replace the commercial shaving foam by coconut oil direct under the shower. It will leave your legs super hydrated and soft 🙂


I change the blade every 2 months as I like to have alays a very sharp one.



Can’t wait for the summer!!

safety razors on lifestyle blog sommergirls


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