The Four-Hour-Workweek: top or flop?

I’ve read a lot of books lately about work organisation to deal with my workload and have a more easy-going private life. My favourite lately:

The Four-Hour-Workweek of Tim Ferris! 

the four hour workweek von Tim Ferris Buchempfehlung und wie ich's angewendet habe!

I loved this book!! No surprise, it’s on the new york times bestseller list and has thousands of fans! This guy gives you plenty of tricks to become more efficient in your daily work and methods to do what you always wanted to do in your private life. He’s pragmatic, target-oriented, completely lazy… the perfect combination for success!!

avis sur the four hour workweek de Tim Ferris sur sommergirls blog. méthode pratiques de vie alternative!

Today our lives are in fast-forward. Giving 200% are the normality and no longer the exception. And if you are lucky enough to find an efficient work organisation to fullfill your workload in a short time your boss will give you more the next time…

I decided to quit this game, I had enough. But to do so I needed advice and the right methods. So I read plenty of books about work organisation and life philosophies. Not everything was good enough to be used but after all it changed me and my vision of things a lot! Today I have mostly quiet working days, leaving enough energy to do the things I want to in my private life. I don’t have the impression anymore to run through my life.

My latest book was the Four-Hour-Workweek of Tim (Timothy) Ferris. Tim never fitted into the “normal” worklife. So he worked out alternative methods in order to do what he wanted to (and what made him happy) with earning enough money to ensure his financial security besides. His mantra: live your life today, do not shift things that are important to you on later!

The book starts with the perception of richness: Who is rich? The billionnare spending 14 hrs/day 7 days/7 at work or the guy with sufficient income to spend half of the year in a hammoc in bali?

avis sur the four hour workweek de Tim Ferris sur sommergirls blog. méthode pratiques de vie alternative!


This book will give you plenty of practical tips and tricks to disburden your life and get free time to do the things you like. It’s about how to organize and which behiviours to adopt to increase your efficiency. The aim isn’t the money, the aim is your happiness.

Okay, you probably won’t use everything described in this book. But I use a lot of things of it and it works perfectly! How to escape the office or how to avoid interuptions during work in order to be as efficient as possible on a topic! It’s fun and you get easily in it once you’ve started…

avis sur the four hour workweek de Tim Ferris sur sommergirls blog. méthode pratiques de vie alternative!


The idea of the book is to question your vision of live:

  • Do I really love my life and what I’m doing?
  • Am I bringing this topic forward or am I just working to fill time up?
  • Am I efficient or do I just follow my habits?

This book will make you rethink your habits and stop running from appointment to appointment.

Did you lately had the impression that your life just passes by? Or that you can’t even remember what happened last month? If so, it’s time to quit the automatic modus of living and change something. A good start is reading this book, you won’t regret it.

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