2 little buddies

Today I would like to present you Paul and Chloé, best buddies ever! Paul is Jule’s little black pug of 3 and a half years old, and Chloé is Isi’s french bulldog of 5 years. They are best friends… 🙂

Chloé le bouledogue français fauve et Paul le petit carlin noir, une amitié de 2 petites truffes

They first met during our christmas holidays in Provence 3 years ago, Paul was still a little puppy of 6 months… it only took about 5 minutes for them to become best buddies and they played the whole week. They were inseparable, so cute! It broke our heart to separate them at the end.

This summer time had come for a reunion 🙂 Jule and Kat came to Lambesc for their summer holidays and after a first sniffing the two recognized each other straight away! From that on it was like they never had been separated and they played again all day long!

It was so funny to watch them play. When two molosser play together, even as tiny as they are, it always looks like a gremlins reunion, after a gooood bath after midnight! But judge by yourself 🙂

At the end of summer we had to separate them again. Jule was going home to Berlin… but we’re pretty sure  they will recognize each other as soon as they will meet again! And the best of it: there will be a third member!

Kat recently adopted a little dog as well! This is kinda promising for the futur game sessions 🙂 Jippeeee 🙂

Xoxo Jule

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