Homemade almond milk

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I have been dealing with some food intolerances in the last months. Whenever I consumed small quantities of dairy products or grains, I quickly had symptoms such as stomach pains, nausea and diarrhea – not fun, I can tell!

With regard to the dairy products, I substituted those with soy milk products – until these too became problematic and made the tummy rumble.

In German supermarkets, you can find numerous alternatives to cow milk: hazelnut milk, rice milk, coconut milk. However, the high prices per litre (EUR 2.5 to EUR 3.0 per litre) is quite high and the list of ingredients quite upsetting: up to 20 grams of sugar and a maximum of 2% of almonds per litre, as well as many stabilizers are nothing I would want in my milk. I am not convinced…

Why not try and make almond milk myself?



What do you need for 1 litre of homemade almond milk?

  • 200 grams of almonds
  • approx. 1.5 l of water
  • 2-3 dates (in case you want to sweeten your milk)
  • 1 nut milk bag / jelly bag strainer
  • 1l bottle (for storage)
  • mixer / blender


I normally get my almonds from the FARMER’S SNACK shop (Colonnaden 108) in Hamburg. I like this shop as I can buy package-free, bringing my own jar and filling it from big batches of freshly roasted nuts and seeds. You can, of course, get your almonds over several online retailers, however, I like to see the quality of the nuts I use for making milk. The FARMER’S SNACK shop is nearby my office, which is very convenient for last-minute “I need almonds- NOW” shopping. For my almond milk, I usually buy the non-bleached almonds (i.e. almonds with the thin brown skin).

How to make almond milk?

Before we can make almond milk, the almonds need to be soaked for at least 8 hours in cold water. I usually soak them over night in cold water, however, at room temperature. By soaking the almonds, the almond milk will be much easier to digest and you get a better milk quality.


After at least 8 hours of soaking, I rinse the almonds and mix them with a litre of fresh water. If you want to sweeten your almond milk, add 2 or 3 dates – don’t forget to remove the pit! Blend the mixture for approx. 30 seconds at highest speed.

Once blended, put your jelly bag strainer over a bowl and slowly pour your milk through the strainer. The strainer will retain any almond and date chunks. Squeeze the remainders in the strainer until no more liquid is released.




Please do not waste the remaining almond crumbles. I usually dry the crumbles in the oven and use it for e.g. the yummy almond cacao energy balls (recipe by deliciouslyella.com). So good!!!

Fill the almond milk into a glass botlle or air-tight container. Stored in the fridge, the almond milk will keep for 3-4 days.


I like my almond milk on hot summer days right from the fridge. I also have a dash of it in my morning coffee or as a nut-flavoury addition in smoothies or soups.


The preparation of almond milk is not very time-consuming. I normally need 10 minutes (not taking into account the over-night soaking of the almonds) for making a litre of almond milk. Per week, I ususally need 2 litres, thus, whenever one litre is nearly used up, I directly soak the almonds for the next litre.

As for the costs: Depending on how much I pay for the almonds, a litre amounts to EUR 1.50 – 2.00.

Not only is almond milk soooo delicious, it is also very beneficial for your health: it contains a lot of vitamins, such as vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin A, Omega-6, zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, and is also gluten and lactose-free. Almond milk also is easily digestible and beneficial for gastrointestinal problems … and thus perfect for people like me with food intolerances! Almond milk is also awarded having cholesterol-reducing effects that even outdo those of olive oil!

One glast of (non-sweetened) almond milk only has 40 calories – in comparison, a glas of cow milk amounts to 140 calories! Almond milk is the featherweight of all milks!

But the best comes for last: By making my own almond milk, I avoid creepy stabilizers and amounts of sugar as well as unnecessary milk box waste – that’s the wy (u-hu a-ha) I like it (u-hu a-ha)!!!

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