Quick&easy: Spiralized courgetti with spicy tuna

Today I want to share a quick and easy recipe for a healthy tuna spiralized courgetti meal.

Blog-Sommergirls Zucchini-Spirelli with spicy Thuna

What do you need for the spiralized courgetti?

Blog-Sommergirls Zucchini-Spirelli Thunfisch-Nudeln

Blog-Sommergirls Zucchini-Spirelli Thunfisch-Nudeln

Spiralize the zucchini / courgetti with the spiralizer. This only takes about one minute.

Then heat the tuna with the oil for one minute in a pan before adding the spiralized courgetti. Heat for another 3 minutes and serve with chopped walnuts or parmesan cheese.


Blog Sommergirls Zucchini-Spirelli mit Thunfisch

Blog-Sommergirls-Zucchini Spirelli Thunfisch-Nudeln

This meal is so healthy due to the courgette and so satisfying due to the oily & spicy tuna. And it is so easy and quick to prepare! This is the perfect recipe for a quick an yum meal when you get home after a long day.

And the best: this meal is gluten and dairy free,  thus perfect for me!



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