I’m a hole in the alley… pardon?

Don’t see life as a bottle of beer, see it as a hole in the alley! That’s what my psy told me this morning. Pardon?

His explanation wasn’t bad at all and I want to share it with you on this beautiful wednesday 🙂



I have a psy that I see once a month since last year now as I had some stuff to deal with and I wanted professionnal help. Sometimes your best friend or your familiy are no longer enough to feel good and to find answers to your questions.

So this morning I went to my appointment and told him that I don’t get the point in my work anymore, that I have the impression that it doesn’t make sense what I’m doing every day for 8h. Very frustrating if you take into account that our time on earth isn’t endless…

That’s when he told me that actually, I was seeing myself and my life as a bottle of beer (I brought him a bottle of home brewed beer), but that I should better see it as a hole in the alley. A bottle of beer is something materialistic, you can touch it, you can see it. But a hole can’t be seen by itself, it’s seen due to the discontinuity in the alley, the absence of something and therefore the space for something else, in this occasion the hole. You can’t see a hole or touch it, you onlysee it due to its influence on its environment.

If I take a look at my life I see a house, a boyfriend, a job, a salary etc. And I always say to myseld to do this and that to be happy/easygoing/fullfilled. But instead of seeing my life as an accumulation of materialistic thing I should see it as a flux of happenings, a discontinuity in the society.

For example: I cut my hand at reparing my car. With a materialistic point of view I would say to myself dammit, I cut my hand, I’d go to the hospital, get a bandage. But if I look at this incident with the new point of view I’llonly see the discontinuity that it creates in the society and my environment. I’d see my boyfriend Guillaume, worrying for me and driving me to the hospital, telling me that his sister cut her hand once just like me and has a scar until today, I would see the nurse at hospital tell me about her son and showing me a picture of him and his brandly new cast he owned by nearly accomplishing his very first back flip with his bike… So I don’t see the incident on itself, as something materialistic, but I see it only by the impact that it has on my environment and my life.

With this kind of point of view, time looses its significance. You live in the present moment and the present moment represent life itself. We, ourselves, are the discontinuity of life and the way people around us see us and interact with us. You could even say: I am because others see me. A very beautiful philosophy to benefit from the present moment.

I’m no bottle of beer, I’m a hole in the alley and proud of it!

Have a lovely day 🙂


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