My best beauty hacks

Today I’d like to share my very best beauty hacks with you! Just like most of you, I’ve tried so many things over the years! Here is my very best 🙂

Get rid of your horny skin…

Summer is coming and I can’t wait wearing my sandals and flip flops. But first I have to remove my horny skin. I’ve tried so many things but this is the most easy and effective:

You take one cup of 30vol developper that you normally use on your hair and mix it with warm water for a nice little footbath. After 30min (or longer if necessary) you can dry your first foot and simply rub off the horny skin! It will come off so easily, it’s magic! But be careful and use an old towel to dry your feet due to the developper. One liter developper costs about 4 euros, the cheapest will do it just fine 🙂 I often use an old developper and buy a fresh one for my hair if needed.


Dark circles

Unfortunately I have very dark circles under my eyes, no matter how rested I am. I’ve tried a lot of concealers, from very cheap to very expensive ones… this one is the very best I found and I use it for about 10 years now!



This stuff covers dark circles better than anything else, even better than the famous ‘Illuminateur’ of Yves Saint Laurent.

In addition I discovered a very efficient home remedy: Citric acid or Vitamin C! It lightens all kind of dark spots and even dark circles up, it’s natural bleach! You can find it in all kind of cremes but the one I use is very cheap and has one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C. It is the  Garnier ‘Dark Spot corrector’. You can see the high concentration as the creme turns brown after contact with air.

My dark circles are significantly lightened! In summer I don’t even need additional concealer 🙂 I use the creme in the evening and only around my eyes to avoid my sparkles to be bleached 🙂


Super smooth skin

I have very dry  and sensitive skin so I’ve always been very carefull about the ingredients of cremes I use. But to be honest, most of them are like chinese to me. I’ve tried to google them but no way to understand the explanations. So I decided to make my own lotions and skincare. My favourite creme is a mix of shea butter, argan oil, coconut oil and lavender oil. The creme has a nice consistency and I use it just after my shower on wet skin before toweling. In addition I use it on my hairends to void them to split and on my lips and hands. Its my allrounder 🙂 It makes perfectly soft skin 🙂


The perfect ponytail

Ok, how can a simple ponytail be special? It can be simple… but I’ll show you the boosted variation 🙂 I’m a big fan of ponytails for long hair! It’s sporty, sexy and super easy. But the longer your hair is the heavier it will be and your ponytail will just fall down flat.

One day I found a video on youtube. I searched for it but couldn’t find it so I show you how I do it with some pictures.

First you make a classic ponytail. Then you take a scrunchie and fix 2 bobby pins at it, just like this:

Then you fix the first bobby pin at top of your ponytail, wrap the scrunchie around your tail, lift it up and fix the second bobby pin beside the first one. This hack will give your ponytail the ultimate lift and avoid it to fall don after a while!


For the perfect volume at the base of your tail you just separature it into 2/3 upper section and about 1/3 in the lower one and fix a little hair clip just inside it, drap the upper section over and you’ll have a pretty volume effect 🙂

So that’s it!



Nice isn’t it?



I have to say that I’m no fan of big makeup… I always do a quite simple and natural daily makeup routine. But from time to time I like a little sexy eyeliner 🙂

Unfortunately, I’m quite clumsy ith the Kajal. So instead of using the pen I use a slender slanted brush, wet it with a little water and dip it into black eye shaddow. This is what I apply as eyeliner! It’s so much easier to handle the brush, the line gets less sharp wich I love and it is more a dark grey than black. For me as a blonde it’s just perfect! In addition it stays all day long without clogging!

If I don’t want any eyeliner at all but still want to give my eyes a special deep look, I apply black Kajal to the upper inner lashline, just under the lashes and a little bit in between.


Natural looking red lolita lips

OMG I loooooove red lips! But for my every day makeup I’m no fan of lipstick, the mono-block color doesn’t look very natural and it’s just to complicated maintaining the color all day long. So instead I take a lipstick pencil in red. I apply it in the middle of the upper and lower lip and  blend it to the corners with my fingers. This will give your lips a very natural red coloration, without the colorblock effect of a lipstick! In addition lipstick pencil stays much longer than lipstick! At the end I apply my coconut allround cream to avoid my lips to dry out and that’s it for the perfect seductive lolita lips 🙂

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