The zero waste dog: Leilah and her lawn loo

After I had adopted Leilah, I quickly realized what a challenge it would be to thrive for a zero waste lifestyle. I would normally try to avoid waste as much as possible by using waste-avoiding alternatives, such as bringing tote bags for shopping instead of using plastic bags. But what to do with dog food tins, dog cookies packed in plastic wrapping and, in particular, dog nappies. All of this visibly increased the amount of waste I generated from now to then!

I  quickly found quite waste-friendly alternatives for the food issue: You could buy dog dry food in big batches containing 15-20 kg, which would last half a lifetime for Leilah. I even found a booth at the local farmers market at Hamburg, Immenhof, the owners agreed to sell (dry) dog cookies in cloth bags I brought.

There also is an easy alternative for dog poo bags: Available in online stores, you can find dog poo bags made out of corn stark. Those little bags degenerate much quicker than any plastic bag, which will need up to 100 years to fall apart.

One problem remained: What should I do with the endless dog nappies I needed when Leilah still wasn’t house-trained? On “bad” days, Leilah needed 2 of these…

Even though Leilah got house-trained quite quickly, I started to look for alternatives in the 3rd week after the adoption. I was already fed up by the nappy waste we generated!

And guess what I found: an eco-friendly lawn loo!!!


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Autumn/Winter recipe: Hokkaido pumpkin-apple-lasagne

I must admit I am not the most gifted chef, but there is one recipe that all my friends praise once they have tasted it. Thus, upon request by several of them, I am delighted to post today the repice for my Hokkaido pumpkinapplelasagne!

This lasagne is irresistible due to the creaminess of the baked Hokkaido pumpkin (also called red kuri squash), the hearty minced meat as well as the sourness of the apples.

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Cancale and Saint Malo

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Today I ould like to share my pics of Cancale and Saint Malo with you! We visited these cities on the second day of our trip through the Bretagne and the Normandie in the North of France 🙂

Cancale is knon for its oister bancs! You can buy and enjoy them directly on the beach!

Saint Malo has a beautiful architecture and an impressive fortification all around the old town.


View on Cancale

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Homemade almond milk

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I have been dealing with some food intolerances in the last months. Whenever I consumed small quantities of dairy products or grains, I quickly had symptoms such as stomach pains, nausea and diarrhea – not fun, I can tell!

With regard to the dairy products, I substituted those with soy milk products – until these too became problematic and made the tummy rumble.

In German supermarkets, you can find numerous alternatives to cow milk: hazelnut milk, rice milk, coconut milk. However, the high prices per litre (EUR 2.5 to EUR 3.0 per litre) is quite high and the list of ingredients quite upsetting: up to 20 grams of sugar and a maximum of 2% of almonds per litre, as well as many stabilizers are nothing I would want in my milk. I am not convinced…

Why not try and make almond milk myself?



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