Let’s get dirty – my vegetable garden

I know, I know – my last blog post is about 1.5 years ago. It’s crazy how time flies!!! So many things have happened, I am a godmother and aunt now, I have changed jobs twice (no more stressful marketing job), I have bought my first car (a tage 37, everyone!). However, I would like to revive this blog with new posts, starting with a subject that has won my hearrt over the last 2 years: my own vegetable garden!

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Preserved lemons: easy DIY

I love moroccan cuisine! It’s so easy to cook a delicious tajine with fresh ingredients. It just takes time… my favorite tajine recipe is chicken with lemons and green olives! But I always needed to drive to Aix to find the main ingredient: the preserved lemons in salt.  So one day I decided to make them by myself.

How to do preserved lemons!

Do your own preserved lemons super easy

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